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Patreon is a great website that allows you to become a patron of your favorite artists. By pledging a small monthly donation to the Hungry podast, you are directly helping me create more episodes for you.

Making this podcast currently requires 100% of the time I am not at my full-time job as a server in New York City. As a self-taught producer - I write, narrate, edit, and publish all content in addition to finding stories, setting up interviews, recording, and traveling for episodes. Making quality radio takes lots of work. Your monthly pledges buy me invaluable time that I can spend producing more episodes.

This money also allows Hungry to put uber-talented musicians and artists to work. From composing unique music for each piece, to illustrating cover art for the episodes, there is endless potential for Hungry to collaborate with artists across all mediums to make creative, exciting content.

So if you like what Hungry is doing and want to be part of it, go donate on the Patreon page. There are some pretty sweet rewards too - including EXCLUSIVE access to Patreon-only "bites." Get 'em while they're hot!